What would be fair prices ?


Heading to the Hillsville Flea Market this weekend to hunt for the following to put to use and wondering what fair pricing (or too expensive) would be in your opinion. I am fine doing restoration work (rust removal and glueing cracked totes/knobs) for each but want them to otherwise be in working order (no replacing parts) but will likely replace the No. 7 or 8 blade and chip breaker with a Veritas version.

All pre-WWII steel is preferred
  • Stanley No. 7 or 8 (non-corrugated if able to find)
  • Stanley No. 151 spokeshave
  • Stanley No. 60-1/2 or 65
  • I also need a useable Froe
Thanks for your input (not finding eBay very helpful in these pricing searches as I'm see what's the typical sale price)


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You may also want to talk with Ed Lebetkin via email (he has the tool shop above the Woodwright's School in Pittsboro. His email is edlebetkin@gmail.com and his physical address is 4714 McBane Mill Ln, Graham, NC 27253.

He may have some of the tools you want already tuned and ready to use at reasonable prices.


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Filter your search by "Completed Items" and "Sold Items" to see what people have paid recently

On the ebay site, scroll down until you see "Show Only" on the left side of the page. In the app (at least on Android), those choices are in the "Filter" section at the top right.

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I have a semi-fixed rule of $20 for common Stanley bench planes. Condition and scarcity can move that but I usually don't buy scarce or collector examples that I see.

I'd say a decent Stanley #7 should be $60 or so. The last nice one I bought was a round side Bedrock 607...$60 IIRC. It has a hang hole in the toe but in really nice shape. That was quite some time ago.

A #8 is kinda rare to find in the wild and when you do be prepared for sticker shock.

Block planes I see are usually in the $5 to $15 range. The common ones like the 9 1/2 can be found cheap. When you move to the knucklecap versions it can get pricey but you can pick up a deal once in a while. Low angle models also tend to be marked higher. I'd look at Millers Falls and Sargent models as well.

Sargent #5307, Stanley #18, and Stanley 60 1/2. They're out there cheap.

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