went down to work in the shop today and....

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Trent Mason

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Trent Mason

WATER! :kamahlitu

I think it was wind driven rain that came in through a vent in the East-facing wall. It has a small piece of plywood over it on the inside, but I guess that didn't hold up.

So in an attempt to remedy the situation, I took a scrap piece of plywood and screwed it to the wall of the house on the outside, somewhat covering the vent.

As you can see, there is not standing water out there, so it must have come in through the vent. Luckily, I was down in the shop last night having a few drinks with a friend and had the bright idea :widea: to get some of my tools up off the floor. THANK GOD I did. Or my planer and a few other tools would've been sitting in that puddle. :eusa_doh: If it gets any worse, I might take the sheet of plywood off and wrap that vent in plastic. I hope nobody else has had anything similar/worse. :eusa_pray

Well, the weather is obviously pretty bad today, the shop is wet, surf is blown out, I guess there's only one thing left to do that I can think of........ :new_all_c:roll:

Hope the rest of you are nice and dry. Stay safe. :thumbs_up



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Our basement has flooded once, that was all it took for me to learn to keep my stuff up off the floor. I'm glad your tools weren't ruined!

Enjoy the evening!


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Dude, sucks that happened but it looks like someone was on your side and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Hopefully the new fix will yield better results. Good luck with the storm and stay safe if it gets any worse.



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Trent, need some help with the :new_all_c:new_all_c:new_all_c I had a terrible day today at work and could probably be a big help getting rid of extra beverages. I am glad nothing got ruined though. It will get better.

Trent Mason

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Trent Mason
Thanks guys. Check out skeeter's thread for some pictures from the beach from about an hour ago. Pretty wild down here. I'm about to go back down and take another look at the shop. :eusa_pray

Charles, somehow I ended up with the day off. Thank God for that or I might've walked down there at midnight and it may have been a lot worse. Is everything ok at your place?


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I think the wind has blown the beach inland a few miles into my back yard, but everything is safe.


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Blame it all on the surf board. No surf board no water. Ok bad joke. Glad that you had no real damage.
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