Wanted: Table Saw and/or Table Planer


New User
Hello All,

I am looking to build out a shop on a budget. Im just getting more into woodworking , and could use a table saw and planer. I've seen them on craigslist and facebook market place for between $150-$250 each depending on various things like condition/brand/etc.

I'd be interested in finding something close to that here if anyone was selling.


Henry W

Senior User
I see in your info that you list Cary - so 'close to here' means in Cary or Triangle or .... ?
Depending on your needs/wants, CL and FB are decent sources - but you need both patience (to find what you are looking for) and the ability to act quickly once it becomes available.
TSaws certainly do get listed here, but nowhere near as often as more public and larger sites dedicated to selling stuff.

A $150-250 TS can be very serviceable, but it sure helps to know what you are looking for. A few more details on what you might be looking for might be helpful for us to know - in case we see one like that.


New User
10inch blade table saw, or 12 -13 inch planer. Close to here is in the RTP/Triangle area, although I wouldn't mind driving an hour max outside of that to get something quality.

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