Unexpected visitor checking my glue joints.


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He said it passes, provided I cured above 60F
Any idea which ethnic group he belongs to?


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With the small head, looks like an assassin bug to me. Hard to tell from the back. Did it look like it had a long skinny beak folded up under its "chin"?
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Frank C
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The problem is far more serious than you think. You must get rid of all the wood you bought in a hurry before it's all infected.
Just give us a time and day so we can get over there to help you out. Don't worry about recouping any money you spent as the problem will only get worse.


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Based on the banded legs, I would say it's in the Pselliopus genus, which is an assassin bug like Mark said. They're generally docile but will give you an UNFORGETTABLE bite if you play rough with them... An order of magnitude more painful and long-lasting than a hornet sting. I got nipped by a wheel bug, another kind of assassin bug, about ten years ago and it was a bad scene. They're great for pest control in your garden though.


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LOL ........ You had to go there didn't you ? hmmm ?

BTW If you get bit by one of those stinging bug, hornets, Bull ants, assassin bug, tobacco moistened up and stuck right on it will lower the effect of the sting

I didn't think much of it until got bit by a hornet and guy gave me some tobacco I got it wet and squishy put right on it and wow, it did work.

An old Redneck trick I guess.

Yup, that looks like an INSECTOR to me.

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