Triton Spindle Belt Sander clunk (and, how sanding got even suckier this afternoon)...

Darl Bundren

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Hey, everybody! I was sanding some small projects (@2" wooden discs that at this point look suspiciously like Reese's Cups) using my Triton 450W combo belt/spindle sander, and after a few minutes the sander started to clunk periodically after it reached the top of the oscillation. The clunking became more frequent, so I turned it off and gave it the stinkeye. Has anybody had a similar issue on this type of sander? Any fixes?

I resorted to my Festool 6" ROS, one of my favorite tools, and when I went to change the paper the hooks tore off of the pad. Ugh. Under a time constraint, I moved on down the sander hierarchy.

I dragged out my seldom-used Festool RS2e half sheet sander and figured soon enough that it'd be too slow for me to finish by, say, October.

Finally I dragged out a Hitachi ROS (POS?) that I got as a freebie when I bought their big router. I love the router, but this, no. Fired it up, and it worked well enough, but soon after it started shooting pieces of plastic out of the vents, and I think the variable speed went belly up because if I didn't have a piece in contact with the pad, the sander would speed up to the point that when I'd put a piece on the pad it would burn where it made contact.

I got everything sanded pretty good, though, and my tingling hand will unclench, I'm sure, at some point.

Back to the main question--anybody have issues with their oscillating spindle/belt sander? Any fixes?



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One would assume it is a bad bearing in the lever for height. Tear it open and see where the play is.

I imagine the Hitachi is like the crap DeWalt I had and the friction ring between the pad and body is worn out. The DeWalt would wear out in about an hour.

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