Teak and Sandalwood

Bill J

I just returned from a trip to India where we visited Thekkady (which literally means under the teak tree) and were able to hike through a teak and sandalwood forest in the Periyar Tiger Preserve. While we didn't see any tigers, it was fascinating to see how they are maintaining the forest to allow the over-logged trees to regrow. The first two attached images show one of each tree. They number and register tree and then maintain a 24 hour watch over each section of the forest to prevent poaching. If you look carefully, the third picture shows the shelter with a man keeping watch. The structure in the tree is a safety shelter in case elephants come into the area.
2022-11-08 14.24.08.jpg
2022-11-08 14.27.13.jpg
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Very interesting, thanks for sharing. India wasn’t on my top 10 international travel destinations however, I had an opportunity to go there for work a few years ago. I was blown away by the experience. I can’t even begin to described it, it has to be experienced. The quality of life ranges from very modern to people living in make-shift tents made from sticks and discarded tarps. They essentially have no possessions but work in the cane fields or do whatever they can to survive. It’s extreme in so many ways. I highly recommend it. I believe it would change your perspective of life as we know it in the US.


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Yes India is interesting, a lot of have more ppl ... and a lot more of have little to nothing ppl, still so interesting

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