Sunbeam LED Light


Corporate Member
If you need a spot light (as opposed to a spotlight) for up close work, like my old eyes do, if you have one near you, take a look at your Dollar Tree store. They have a one-LED desk lamp, as shown in the Amazon listing, for $1 each. I bought a bunch of them and have been giving them away. People really like them. They have a 12 volt wall wart to power them. The wall wart is worth more than a dollar. They're in my Cary store, and they don't show up on their website that I could find, but if you need a lamp of this type, this deal is unbeatable. It's certainly a close-out item, so it is more than likely sold-out-when-gone. People are buying them to resell on Mercari and eBay.


Henry W

Senior User
I too have used these, and love them. Not perfect of course; I mounted one above my BS and it's great there, with just a spring clamp on the base to hold it onto the BS.
Also have a movable one - and one over the lathe. Flex neck isn't really long enough for over the lathe, but for the price it works great.

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