SOLD - Festool MFT/3 table for sale


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Festool MFT/3 table for sale

I have both a basic MFT/3 table and a MFT/3 table with accessories for sale.

The basic table is $525. It is just the table, no accessories.

The MFT/3 table with accessories is $625 and includes the table and all the accessories pictured.

I also have a spare Festool brand MFT/3 table top which is brand new and sealed in the box. These retail for $172.

If you are buying either the basic table or table with accessories, I can add the spare table top for only $50 more.

If you would like the table top alone, it is $125.

This is a cash only, pickup only sale, and I am located in west Cary.
If you are interested, please DM me to set up a time to meet. Thank you.


  • Router table basic.jpg
    Router table basic.jpg
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  • MFT table and accessories top view.jpg
    MFT table and accessories top view.jpg
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  • MFT accessories 1.jpg
    MFT accessories 1.jpg
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  • MFT accessories 2.jpg
    MFT accessories 2.jpg
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  • MFT accessories 3.jpg
    MFT accessories 3.jpg
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  • Spare MFT table.jpg
    Spare MFT table.jpg
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  • Spare table label.jpg
    Spare table label.jpg
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