ShopBot Tools Training Certificate - free w/ donation to NCWW


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I won a certificate for training from ShopBot Tools in the NCWW raffle. This looks like a great prize, but I do not own a CNC machine. Though I have followed some threads with interest on CNC in the workshop, I will not be ready to pull the trigger on a machine anytime soon. I offer this certificate to any NCWW member that makes a donation to NCWW. As a point of reference, the training would cost $175 without the certificate. Not expecting that large of a donation, but hey, if you feel the urge....


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I also won a ShopBot certificate, and I will match Clay's offer as well. I don't have a CNC and would love to share it with someone who does.


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@chris_goris Maybe you can use this in conjunction with your need to learn your own CNC?!?!?!
Thanks, I know how to run the machine , model parts and program it, ... I just dont have alot of different work to put on the machine. I have my own stuff (cabinetry parts and signs, etc) , but a variety would be nice. Sure, I could "make things up" to run, but why waste materials if I can help someone else out and they can learn how CNC works at the same time.

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