Recent class with Mary May in Winterville

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This past weekend I had a marvelous time at Mary May's two day carving class which was hosted by Stuart over at the NC Furniture School in Winterville. It was such a fantastic class...very engaging and therapeutic. I had a blast. Learned a bunch and it was neat to meet Mary May in person for the first time. Such a wonderful person and teacher as many of you have stated in times past.

I must also add that Stuart took great care of all of us. It was such a neat experience. Met a bunch of nice people. I recall from some of Mary's blogging at some point, her statement regarding getting lost in carving. "I DID", must confess. The Camelia flower carving was a fun project. Although, I have carved in small proportions throughout the years, mostly enhancements and embellishments to my turkey pot calls, this was my first relief carving of this caliber.

I was happy. :banana:

Camelia flower carving with Mary May - Copy.JPG
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