Railroad track anvil stock and fresh off the truck semi truck brake drums from non smoking home


Good morning all. I have some fresh off the truck semi brake drums, 7 actually, that are seeking a good home. These are free to a good home. They weigh in at around 90 lbs. +/- and make great machinery, sander, what have you stands. The brake shoes are non asbestos. I posted some pics of some I made into stands. I also have several railroad track sections for sale. Cut to 12 inches +/- , soaked in vinegar to remove the heavy rust. They will still need a bit of wire wheel work to make them presentable. $20 dollars US is all it will cost. Good thing to be able to place on the bench and bang away at. top is crowned and you can flip it over, set in a vise and you have a nice flat surface to work on or just imagine it is your mother in law, boss, pizza delivery kid and in just a few minutes of smacking your world will become brighter. Promise. I hate to see much of anything go to waste as I believe that more stuff rusts away than ever gets wore out. Located between Liberty and Siler city NC. Thanks for looking.


Bruce Swanson
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You really set the hook on the brake drums when you said they come from a non-smoking home--if only you lived closer! I'm a retired driver, so I'm familiar with the brake drums, and they do make great bases for anything li8ke a vice or grinder, etc. However, getting qualified as a good home may leave me wanting, but thank you for your generous offer.
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