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This new NCWW website doesn't appear to notify us of new posts on the thread even after we've checked back at it. The old website did and I would have definitely checked back had I known there were responses. I only got one e-mail for the original response from Raymond. Recently most threads I post get few or no responses so I've neglected checking back in. Also I've been spending more time on Instagram connecting with Woodworkers there and following some of the national artists that I'm interested in.

Thanks for all the helpful info.
Richo check your settings, I get a notification everyday on each thread I respond to. It may be that you have to tweak your settings on this new package.

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I noticed at the bottom of each thread there is a place to check to have them e-mail you. I've have those checked every time I post. It may have had to do with one of my devices (phone or tablet) was signed on to the website for days despite my not actively checking it and that counted as my not ever logging out? I will check to see if there are other additional settings to tweak. I checked just now and I did get an e-mail about Raymond's response this time but I was still on the site and saw the notification through my notification bell. So maybe it was because I was unknowingly continually logged on through one of my devices.

Or maybe the site only alerts me when Raymond responds.


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Under Preferences you need to make sure all of the boxes that pertain to email settings are checked.
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The irony is he's not getting notifications of all these things to check to make sure he get notifications :p


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I find Gmail places emails in different folders. Some are under updates, some are in the primary folder. Not sure which email client you are using, but you may need to check other folders.

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