Online Raffle Ticket Sales End TOMORROW


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We are so close to finishing the first roll of tickets - don't worry, there is another one - I would really like to only have to bring the second roll to the picnic so let's get those last minute sales going tomorrow before 11:59 PM.

There are only about 450 tickets left on the first roll and the last ticket on that roll has the most curl. I'm going to buy it if nobody beats me to it.

It will enhance my chances to win with that super curly ticket. But you can always beat me to it by buying more tickets tomorrow. All of them sold tomorrow will have a significant curl to them.

Your last chance to buy the last ticket on the first roll (except at the picnic) is fading fast.


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I just purchased 10 online. Still unsure if I will be able to make the picnic so I wanted to go on and get a few just in case.

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