Offer: I’ll Start your business/sell your work for you, no cost

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Mods if this is the wrong section please move this thread; I checked the whole site and couldn’t find a place this thread seemed to fit.

So here’s what I’m offering.
I can develop software for pretty much any platform, and have been a developer and architect for 20 years.

These past two years I’ve built Shopify and Etsy stores for my family and friends, and did the marketing/etc online for them. Basically ran the whole deal while they did what they loved and sold a ton of their items.

I’d like to do this for someone else, and make money at it. You have your talent, I have mine. I’d ask for around 15-30% of the profit made on each sale. You would make the product, and I’d ask for a few pictures and a brief description. Then I’d do my part and get it sold for you at the price you ask for/we agree on.

Anyone interested? I, of course, can prove my credentials before we start this venture together.

Message me if so please.
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