New DeWalt DW735 Here!

Mac In Oak Ridge

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I received my new DW735 two days ago and ran some quarter sawn white oak through it yesterday. I can say nothing but good things about it.

My old planer has died, a Delta 22-580 that I bought back in 2003. The commutator on the motor armature has chunks out of it and new brushes just get ate up when I put them in. I tried finding a used armature for it and failed at that effort. So I have put it in the corner to see if a used motor or armature turns up that I can put in it.

Meanwhile I wish I had one of these DW735 years ago. On the slow feed speed it puts out a silky smooth surface. Couldn't be happier with a new machine.


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Congrats I bought one several month ago, definitely worth it.


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I too upgraded from a Delta 22-580 to the DW735 a couple of years ago, huge difference in quality straight off the knives, I can only imagine how well it works with the Byrd head

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