Negative Rake Cutters


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Has anyone used the Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters? I would really like to hear how they work for you and if there are specific situations when they are better. Any info would be appreciated.
Rob Liles


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To tag onto your recent post about scrapers for wood turning...yesterday I was turning a deep 15" cherry bowl and had a ripple or two on the outside where I shifted my stance. I sharpened my negative rake scraper and took them out. I had just received a set of cabinet scrapers and the package was on the bench. As I put the NR scraper back, I wondered how a cabinet scraper would work on a turning.
I used the ogee curved scraper and it worked like a charm...left it smooth as glass with that sharp-tool finish you can't get using sandpaper..


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I'm just itching to get a EWT NRS, I have seen it in use and i feel it would be a great addition to my turning tools


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The schuttlebutt here at Dallas Makerspace is they are great for epoxies, etc and not so much for wood.
Also, there is some hesitation about supplying for the membership as they are not as easily resharpened,
and confusion between the them and the flats-but that happens in a public space.
Regards from the republic, Ed

Stuart Kent

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Hi all, we keep them in stock at the North Carolina Furniture School and mail them out via USPS if anyone wants to try one.

These cutters were designed for pen turners and folks making things out of acrylics/epoxies etc. They cut wood just fine, but don't stay sharp as long as the original flat cutters and as mentioned by an earlier poster, they can't be honed easily. That said, I have used them on all kinds of surfaces and can report that there is nothing better on synthetics. Also, the NR cutters are great for finish cuts on thin walled vessels and very dense wood.


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I just started using the negative rake cutter on my small rougher the other night and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Turned 4 stabilized pen blanks last night and the finished surface turned out so well I didn't need to do any sanding. I haven't tried it on an acrylic blank yet, might give that a go tonight.

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