Mixing Paint With Anti-Skid


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Anyone have experience with mixing your own anti-skid paint for exterior use? I am using is Homax Anti-Skid Paint Additive; Perlite and Crystalline Silica, so I will be using a mask.

Should I use all the paint mixture, or does it store well/stir up later OK?

Amazon had a one pound bag for $9, but I got a one pound bag at Quality Hardware in Yadkinville for $3.

Dave Richards

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I used some anti-skid stuff added to exterior latex paint on the deck of the sailboat I built. I don't remember the exact brand but it came from one of the big box stores. I didn't have any problem mixing it back in when I would have to touch up the paint on occasion.

Mike Davis

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I added play sand to oil base porch paint for the steps at our first home in Georgia.
The sand was free, I put it in the oven for an hour on 200° to get it dry before adding to the paint.
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I usually hand cast that into the surface, that allows me to control how much Anti-Friction material I get into the surface.

Deck coatings and concrete coatings technically are not paint, the viscosity of the material is thicker, which allows a heavier coat be applied

Usually it will cover 5-10 mil per coat thick depending on the brand/Mfr. Paint usually only coats 1/2-1.2 mil per coat.


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Thanks for the replies.

I used a latex gray porch paint. I stirred the paint first, then poured about a quart into another can. I added the silica, stirred, and added more paint; I repeated until the gallon of paint was mixed. The end result was a paint which looked a shade lighter in color, and a bit thicker.

So far, Charlie the Beagle has not skidded on his way down nor slipped on his way up the ramp. Next I will add guardrails, so he won't bail off the side of the ramp.

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