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One of the things I have enjoyed in this forum is the free flow of ideas and the sharing of them.

All of you offer real life information and your works provide real inspiration. - For that, Thank you.

Bobby G, Phil, Bob, Mike, Ernie, etc....all of you... each of us do things or have ideas that are different and as such, when we see them in this forum, it sparks new ideas that helps us (me) stay creative.
We are all experts in something and collectively the forum helps us stretch our skill set. For us who still work, a large part of our life is relegated to Spreadsheets, risk assessment, insurance negotiations, contracts ..... really can beat your creativity flat. But, seeing what others post and reading their reasoning or how they came up with something, reinflates the creative side to strive another day. Glad I became a member of this group......... :cool: :)
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So true Oka, and I've made some wonderful lifelong friends through the forum; that is why we so often refer to this forum as "the friendliest site on the internet!"
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