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I used to have the Panivise attached to a cast iron table pedstal with a small worktop on it. Over time, it didn't prove to be nearly as convenient as I hoped. I decided the conventional approach of only freely turning the carving and not the work top makes more sense. You need the big flat surface all around it for tools and whatnot and can get at it from more angles if it isn't on a worktop (even my previous small one got in the way on a lot of angles). Anyway, here is what I did with it:


a small circle on top with a short bolt sticking out and I have some inserts to fit it. For smaller stuff, I can just drill a hole that will self tap on the little bolt, but for bigger pieces I will drill a hole for an insert.

I bolted a small "foot" of oak ply under one side for the vise:


So I need something to try...

Here is one interesting way to make a hole for the insert:



Here is another advantage. It is mounted and spun around an lowered aginst the table in profile so I can sketch with it held like I need it:


That eraser is going to get a workout...

BTW, I will not mess with the chuck tenon so that after I carve the outside I can turn away most of the middle and then put an insert in the tenon to remount it on the stand to carve inside and the very last operation will be to carefully carve away the tenon.
Not open for further replies.

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