January 2018 Contest: Shop Safety

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Michael Mathews

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To start out 2018 right, let's kick off the contests with shop safety. Post pictures of your home made shop safety improvement.

Michael Mathews

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OK NCWW, somebody has to have made a safety upgrade in their shop? I'll keep this open until February 15 at which time I'll add my safety entry and if no one else posts anything, I guess I'll just have to claim the $25 by default! Any other players???


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Not so fast Michael. We can't let you walk away with the grand prize without some competition;)

Your post got me thinking of what safety upgrades I've made over the years. I've added fire extinguishers, lights, dust collection/filtration and made dozens of jigs that typically make a job more accurate and safer. Also upgraded an RAS to get rid of the Craftsman that I considered my most dangerous larger machine. But one thing I did that I use constantly is a red cross box that holds a long sharp needle and very good set of tweezers. I keep it next to the LED lamp that houses a magnifying glass and a can on alcohol nearby to sterilize the needle.

For years I would get splinters and either bear the pain till I got done that day, or run out of the shop to the house and stumble around looking for a needle, tweezers and a flashlight. Now, every time I get a splinter, the solution is close by and ready for service.

This is a lame safety upgrade and I hope someone else comes up with a better safety post that actually saves life & limb. But FWIW, the red cross box has been a welcome addition to my daily shop experience.
Red Cross Splinter Box.jpg
Red Cross Box_Inside.jpg

Box is mahogany sides with curly maple top and the cross in red heart inlay. Splines are also red heart.

Bill Clemmons

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I have an older model, right tilt table saw. To bevel the edge of a board, I move the rip fence to the left side of the blade and attach a tall fence. (First pic below) Then I use the right side of the auxiliary fence to cut the bevel. Since most operations are done on the left side of the rip fence, this is an awkward procedure for me.


After an accident 20+ years ago I made this device to keep my fingers from ever reaching the blade during this procedure. (Second pic below) Once I get the fence positioned exactly where I need it for the bevel cut I slide this jig up against the board and lock it in place. Now if my guide hand slips off the work piece it won't drop into the blade.



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Bill I used a large board and adjusted the blade for years. I make so many of these candle boxes to sell I decided to make the lid construction safer and faster by building the small jig below.

You don't even need to adjust the blade just leave it a straight up. Your hands never get near the blade as you push the holder thru. Where is shines is cutting end grain. No burn and very little clean up.

I have panel cutters, many raised panel planes but I seem to use this most of time so its a keeper especially for small things.








Well you can only do 3 sides here but it got me to the carving stage quickly.




Michael Mathews

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I had a Grizzly Dust Collector with a Plastic Bag on the bottom to collect chips and dust and a Cloth Bag on the top as an air filter. I got tired of the "PUFF" of dust that blew through the cloth bag every time I started the DC so I made an improve for my health and safety! I added a Chip Barrel with a home built Thien Separator made from Plywood, Sheet Metal, and some All-Thread threaded rod. I disassembled the DC and mounted the blower with motor on the wall and ported the exhaust through the wall to the outdoors. To keep critters out, I built a home made blast gate with an extended linkage and handle as seen in the close up side view of the motor. To quiet the whole rig I framed the blower and motor with 2x4's then used 2" foam insulation around all sides with a final wrap of OSB sheeting on the outside. Now I can run the DC in the shop with no dust expelled from it and carry on a conversation with others!





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