IS there a Metal Cutting Blade for the Porter Cable 14" Bandsaw?


There is, but your saw will have a tough time tennsioning it, plus metal chips will be embedded into rubber of wheels. Also you will need to slow saw down. Delta used to make a two speed BS (14") for cutting metal.


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Thanks for the feedback. Thought it might be a bad idea. I have a metal band saw and pneumatic shears and used the latter to get the work done tonight.


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You can buy them just need the band length in inches. As far as the wheel bands getting trashed, you might want to get some replacements and just use the existing when cutting metal. Otherwise you need a soft brass brush and magnet to get the shaving out. Just depends how much cutting you are planning to do.

Charles Lent

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How much metal cutting you need to do will determine what you need. I have a Milwaukee portable band saw mounted in a table that I bought from Swag Off Road that I do all of my smaller metal cutting with, especially when curve cutting is needed. If your metal cutting can be done with a portable band saw, one of these tables will be of great help, and the saw can be removed from the table by removing one thumb screw, should you need it to be portable again. Reverse the process to put it back into the table. They sell different versions to accommodate many different brands of these portable band saws SWAG V4.0 Portaband Table


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