Incra Jig Ultra


Corporate Member
Over 20 years ago I bought the Incra Jig Ultra. It has been sitting on top of a cabinet for over 15 years. I needed a fence for the router table so I pulled the jig down. I decided since I had gone through the trouble of cleaning it up and replacing some small items I might as well use it for some small boxes my wife wants me to make.

Hate to admit it but I really need to start over again on how to use it. Old age is my excuse and I am sticking with it. I found the owners manual on the net and downloaded it. When I bought the jig the tutorial was VHS. I have spent hours on the internet looking for some form of video to watch or buy. I have found videos for every product Incra makes except the Ultra. Some say they are for the Ultra but when I look at them they are not the Ultra. I have looked on youtube until I am sick of it. I have talked with Incra but they could not help me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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