Hello from the Southern Carolina - Charlotte area

Pop Golden

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I've purchased from Wurth from time to time. I don't know if I have an account or not. I buy very small amounts. They have always treated me well. Their prices are high, but cheaper than Woodcraft. My only problem is that they want to sell finished 4 sides. I have a 15 in. plane & a jointer so I really don't want to pay for the finishing. I live in SouthEnd and would like to meet you give me a call 704-519-6826.


Colin Helms

Yes I got Baltic Birch from them, but it has been over 3 years that I've had a job to need to go buy lumber from A&M. I don't know how their stock is holding up right now, nor the prices. Good luck.



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Welcome to the group. I am in Union County, NC, not far away.
I used to buy wood at Wurth but not anymore. I had an account with them three times. I generally bought a good amount at a time but it might be 3 months or more between shopping depending on my schedule. If you don't order more regularly they delete your account and you have to start over. So the last time we went they basically said either open an account again or so long. They said they are only going to cater to their larger customers. What is the name of the outfit that delivers every other month?
Members of the Charlotte Woodworkers Association can purchase from Wurth through our club account.

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