Have a small CNC job


I built a miniature blanket chest for a charity Auction. Being small, I didn’t want to muck up the inside too much with holding hardware. It will slam shut.
So, I want to put a little medallion on the inside of the lid saying something to the effect “ I Bite Fingers” . It only needs to be about 3 inches, square or oval, and, of course, I would supply the blank.
Can anyone suggest someone who might be willing to do this small job ?



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An update with results. I sent Kelly some design suggestions based off his ideas, and he sent me a few different wood blanks to engrave. He liked both designs, so I engraved both on each blank. When engraving, I mask the wood with paper transfer tape. This is really just a time saver so you don't have to sand off the residue from the vaporized soot. I made two passes with the laser to give it a little more depth (for those interested, the settings were 2 passes at 250mm/s 35% power on a 50W laser).

Took a short time lapse of the engraving and removing the masking (because who doesn't like a time lapse video?)

The maple turned out lighter than I expected, but should have more contrast when a finish is applied. The other woods really popped.


Looking forward to seeing them mounted. :-D

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