Grizzly Bandsaw


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Saw a banner in Woodcraft over the weekend for a 15% off Rikon sale coming up. Looks like I'll be getting my 10-326 on March 20th... :-D


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I agree with you about the guides, going to put a thin blade on also, wonder how the guides will perform them.
The only gripe I have with the saw is a minor issue. The mobile base should have come with some adjustable rubber feet for stabilty. And I actually thought a miter guage would be included with the saw.


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I also bought a 10-326 a couple of years ago. And I bought a Wood Slicer bade for resawing. After I got the shipping blade dialed in and made a few test cuts, I decided to stick with it. I have not resawn above 10" nor lots of hardwood but the Wood Slicer blade is still in the box unopened and I am satisfied with all of the cuts I've made.

Klingspor's carries miter gauges from both Incra and Kreg. I like my Incra V27 but there are more expensive gauges out there.


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Another update,
I sent Highland an email stataing my concerns with the saw. Less than an hour later I received a phone call from Highland. That was a surprise, I just expected a reply via email. Although there were no viable remedies he could offer, it was nice of Highland to respond. He stated the saw in their shop rocked as well. So that told me he investigated it before replying. So I guess a thin rubber pad attached to the legs would be my best option. Or buy another base, nah dont want to do that.


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In my opinion, Highland is what every woodworking supply store aspires to be. I am not suprised in your experience. It is well worth the trip to Atlanta to experience the store (Disney for woodworkers). The staff are knowledgeable about the tools. In general, they carry mostly high end tools. The store has the feel of a small town 1950s hardware store. If you shop on price, there is a Rockler and Peachtree both within 30 minutes drive.

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