FS: Super Tuned Vintage Craftsman 113.27520 Table Saw - Cary, NC


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I have a early 1950s era Craftsman 113.27520 10" contractor table saw which I am looking to pass along to it's next caretaker. This saw has been in the family for some time and I have gone through it to restore and super-tune it. It looks and runs amazingly and I would say short of a cabinet saw or a SawStop that this should serve anyone's needs as far as a 120V / Contractor Saw could. If I were to keep it long term I was going to upgrade the fence, but the existing one works OK.

The only reason I am selling is that I have been afforded an opportunity to step up in a big way to a 3HP SawStop PCS and I need to clear room in my small basement shop for that beast.

In 2015 I tore this saw down completely and replace the arbor bearings, sandblasted and painted it, replaced the motor, found an original (and rare!) blade guard/splitter on Ebay and installed that, installed new machined pulleys and link belt, and a PALS kit to align perfectly. Table is flat and smooth, no rust at all.

What you get:
The 10" saw with three cast-iron extension wings installed (1 left, 2 right).
Currently has a CMT carbide 10" blade that's pretty fresh and sharp. Have a few older 10" blades you can have if you like, unknown shape.
Original fence.
Blade guard/splitter - note this has a plastic piece which I don't have installed. I do have the plastic insert and will convey with the saw.
A paddle stop switch with a safety crash bar I installed. I have it set up so that I can hip-bump the bar and stop the saw without moving my hands.
Newer 1.75HP motor with new bearings is installed on the saw. I can also give you the original 3/4HP motor if you want (it needs bearings).
The mobile base and stand shown. I have installed a dust collection port and sealed the saw body as best as I can (foam around the front handles, and a hardboard cutout around the motor/rear opening).
If you want the outfeed table you can have it, not the best but works.
Homemade crosscut sled goes with the saw if you want it.
Zero clearance insert which has been cut with the CMT blade on it. Also has the standard insert (currently installed).

This runs super smooth and quiet. Built back when things lasted, and has a lot of mass for a contractor saw.

I would love for someone else who is enthusiastic about quality old tools take this on.

Located in Cary, NC. I can assist with careful disassembly and loading and will show you how to adjust and tune back up once re-assembled.

I'm asking $300 for everything listed. I easily have that just in the recent upgrades.


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