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These will done in one of the formal Demo areas provided by Klingspor. These CAN NOT be a demo where you just do your thing and maybe answer some questions. You have to lead your audience through what you are trying to convey. If you are not ready to speak in front of an audience, then this isn't for you. (Unless, you get a partner to do that for you, which may be a great way to do it.) There is another thread for sign up and more details.

The sign up for this will be a bit different. Coleman Fourshee, the GM of Klingspor will be doing the scheduling. Also becuase he and I, don't want there to be conflicts and becuase I want us to put our best face forward in what will be the largest public opportunity, we have ever had.

So Coleman, myself & the board will decide which NCWWI presentations will actually be shown. The primary decisions will be based on scheduling and conflicts of interest. For example, a carving demo under the NCWWI "banner" would most likely NOT be accepted. Other Carvings clubs have been sponsoring this show from the beginning. Anything we would do would be taking away from their massive presence.

So If your presentation is not accepted, it does not mean anything about you, it is really based on a whole bunch of other factors. If your presentation is not accepted for the major demo areas, you will get your first choice of doing your presentation in our dedicated area.

So to sign up, either post in this thread or if you would rather PM me the following information,

A description of what you are going to present
Any other people who will be involved
How much time you need
Time restrictions such "only Friday AM"
What equipment you will need and what you can not bring your self.
Any other pertinent info
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