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I am looking for advise on the purchase of a dust collector. I would like to stay on the lesser expensive range,but I want it to work. Anyone have an opinion on what is the better machine for the money. I just have a few machines ( table saw shaper, miter saw) and a two car garage so it needs to be kinda mobile, or I can attach a hose and move it around. Thanks in advance.


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The lesser expensive range of things that actually work usually means used, and there are great deals to be had, especially by members here, and even more if it includes some ductwork, etc. Most, if not all of what I have bought used from forum members has been in great shape, and a great price compared to new, and it's always a pleasure to meet fellow woodworkers.


I have the harbor freight dust collector and happy with it. I think it’s one of the few gems they carry. New they are around $140 with a coupon I believe so you can’t beat the price.


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I have a 2hp HF with a super dust deputy below it and it exhausting outside for bigger tools and a Rigid shop vac pulling through a dust deputy and wired with an auto-on switch for smaller tools. My shop is 14x24. Oneida has some big DC sized machines which will pull against high resistance so they might work for big and small machines but I like my two collector approach. I want to more throughly plumb the HF but for now it is connected with 5 inch snap lock pipe and about 12 inches of 4 inch flex to the table saw and I disconnect that and run a long flex hose to the planner and jointer. I plan a couple more drops and blast gates which will trigger the DC. But I haven't taken the time to hook this up yet, I have a lot of the parts.

The HF works well, at least as a chip collector. I do not yet have an air quality meter so I am not sure how high the levels of fine dust are with this setup. I'm sure it is higher than it would be with a bigger DC and better plumbing to the planner and jointer. I also need over blade dust collection on the table saw.

The DC is probably the biggest expense in the setup but is clearly not the only one. You could even make the piping more than the DC by going with spiral metal pipe and a cheap DC like the HF. The pipe also affects performance significantly. I am hoping to help the HF do enough for my shop by using 5 inch metal pipe instead of 4 inch PVC drain pipe that I used in my prior setup. I was pleasantly surprised, however, with how effective it was at my little lunchbox planner with a long flex hose.

My other tip, is to think of exhaust. I do not like to clean filters. I had a Wynn cartridge in my last setup and it did well filtering the air but needed to be cleaned. A good cyclone can significantly decrease but will not eliminate cleaning. I exhaust outside because I do not heat or cool my shop - at least not much - and it eliminates the filter. But if your area is colder than SC, that may not be an option for you. The only thing I would strongly discourage is use of stock leaky bags like the HF comes with. That lets you collect chips but the DC turns into a distribution system for the fine dust that may harm you. DCs should always have either the best bags you can find or a cartridge filter (which is better) or just blow outside.


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I have an older Grizzly 2 hp DC you can have for $100. I used it less than 20 times. It's on a cart on wheels. You'll need 220 to run it.
This is an EXCELLENT price. You would do well to grab this. I bought the exact same for $150 about a year ago and rarely see them for less than $200. Mine is mobile and I use it on TS, band saw, planer and jointer. Direct hook up. No problems.


Get the Grizzly, and add "Top Hat" style Thien Baffle. FYI, the original Top Hat baffle can be found here at NCWW.

Pop Golden

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I'm still setting up my system. My son has a HF with a Dust Deputy upstream. He says he has after 2 years not cleaned the HF lower bag. The Dust Deputy gets everything. My system is following suit. I am starting with an expanding hose that will reach most of my machines. I will plumb 4 in. plastic pipe later.


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