Dust collection beyond shop vac


...how would I fill in the rest of the space around the blower?
In my case, used an HDPE panel to fill in where the window used to be. This setup is for my laser cutter so uses a 4" hose but could easily have been any size round hole or moderately complex shape. I rough-cut the hole, then used a pattern bit in a router to trim it to circular. Naturally since I have a wood shop downstairs, track clamps were the obvious choice to hold it securely to the window frame. The black outline behind the window frame is weather stripping. The fitting is standard dryer disconnect but a blast gate would work here as well.


(Yes, I do know the hole is positioned too high and the corner robs the exhaust of capacity. I have since built a riser so the laser cutter, external blower, and vent are all now at the same height and that bend is gone.)


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New here.. and not sure if I should continue writing on this post, or start, yet, another post/thread on dust collectors?

I'm building my shop, 13' x 19', have a sub-panel (60A - some 220's & 110's), a HF motor that I upgraded with a RIKON impeller (never been used), 3HP SS, 12" miter saw (NOT going to be permanently attach tosome sort of 100' long miter station), a bunch of other tools but, eventually plan on getting a 3hp jointer, 3hp band saw, & possibly upgrading to a 3hp planer.

Should I spend $$ on buying a nice WYNN filter and a cyclone (non plastic Oneida), and then come to find out that it is not powerful enough for my SS & future tools..? Or not "waste" $$ on the WYNN and cyclone, save up and buy something like an Oneida V-3000, or something else? Besides the CV1800 (I think that 5HP would be extreme overkill for my garage shop, btw), and Oneida V-3000, what other "real" options are there?

Also, not sure if anyone has come across Bill Pentz's air cleaner (I'm sure others have but, wanted to ask & see if anyone here uses it and how well does it perform...on top of using it with a " real" DC? Dust Collection Research - Air Cleaner

The parts/build for his air cleaner seem reasonably priced. It appears, for the same/similar amount of
$$, it would be MUCH better when compared to something like a Jet/Grizzly ~1 micron air cleaner.

Forgot to mention. I can't vent outside, my shop is a 1 car garage of a 3 car garage, so I'll most likely have to build a "retractable" partion wall, too. Have to keep the dust on "my side."

Thanks... Rory


Rory, I can't speak to your dust collector question since it seems like you are above my needs. Although I did just get a 3hp PCS (waiting to get 220 installed) and then picked up a used Rikon 1.5hp DC with Super Dust Deputy and I will let you know how that works when it's up and running. I'm thinking about putting a wynn filter on top if it will fit under the ceiling.

I just bought and assembled Bill Pentz's air cleaner and I'm very happy with it. After 2 weeks it's collected quite a bit of dust that I can visibly see. It gives me a lot of peace of mind too, but I still wear a respirator most of the time. I haven't cleaned the filter out yet but that seems pretty simple. I should say I don't have any way to monitor my air quality levels, but it is definitely cleaning the air.


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Yes..please let me know how that setup works for you..when you can. Thanks.

Good news with that Pentz's air cleaner. I'm glad I came across that...vs building my own with MERV15 filters. His system looks simple, clean, and very effective. Glad to hear it is a worthwhile build. When time comes, I'll build that air cleaner setup, too.

I really don't want to wear my half mask, especially after setting up a proper DC and air cleaner..but if I have to, I'll continue to wear mine..like you.

Looking forward to hearing how your 1.5HP works out for you.

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