Don't get lost

Mike Davis

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If you haven't been to our picnic before or even if it's been a while you may try to use GPS directions. GPS will take you to the main campground which is across the lake from Seaforth. Look for the Seaforth sign.

The red flag is where GPS will take you, the Seaforth shelter is where we will be.



Board of Directors, Treasurer
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Google finds it accurately using Seaforth, Pittsboro, NC - but your GPS may need something else - but similar.

It's really easy to find once you're on 64. About half way between Apex and Pittsboro. It's a peninsula in the lake so whichever way you come from you will cross the lake once, but only once. If you cross it twice, you've likely gone too far. It is well marked with signs on 64 in both directions.


Bruce Swanson
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We will pray for you.
I'm leaving in 5 minutes for the picnic, that will give lots of time to wander aimlessly while I head toward the smell of picnic food! Even bringing a new member with me today, so see ya all by 10! And thank you Bruce, you have no idea how much I might need your prayers.:rolleyes:

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