Did I obsolete half my saw blades?


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Full kerf is working much better with the 2.3 mm riving knife on my PCS. Cherry still is burning slightly sometimes but nothing like it was when I was struggling to get the wood past the infringing riving knife and thin kerf blade. The blade I put on is an old Freud 50 tooth that was resharpened once by Ridge - it came back better than new. But it is a bit worn. Probably should put on the infinity and see what it does this time. It's only made a few cuts.

I prefer full kerf too but when your saw doesn't want to power it through the wood a thin kerf can be a very practical solution. If I had a 3hp or larger motor, I wouldn't use a thin kerf much if at all. I think they may wobble a little too sometimes but I think the current generation of thin kerf work better than the ones I used 20 years ago. I'm really impressed with the Freud Fusion.


It's totally up to you, but I think you're better off keeping everything standard.

Personally, I would never use a table saw without a splitter or riving knife. I never had a saw with one or used one for 25 years. So for Jeff, his experience doesn't mean anything, tho I've had a few kickbacks and I'll tell you they are not fun.

Its not the thick stuff, its the 1/4" plywood that'll get you.
1/8 :)

Think I'll just stay thick for now. I may watch for some .085 plate, but not holding my breath. So many other things to complete my shop upgrade. If I sound al lover the place, it is because part of my retirement and moving was a budget to step up the shop. Just now getting to it. So, I AM all over the place.
So far:
12 inch benchtop DB to a 17 inch Delta ( not thrilled with it)
Ridgid contractor TS to a Harvey 3 HP. Thrilled so far
10 inch Delta benchtop BS to a Harvey C-14. Again, thrilled.
Jet 1100 DC to a , well when it gets here, 5 HP ClearView
Added ClearView cyclone to my Fein vac
Happy with my 6 inch joiner. I was not thinking about a helical head until yesterday when I ran some plywood glued together through it. Blades trashed.
Delta lunchbox planer will get replaced by, you might guess, DeWalt 735 with spiral head.
Started thinking about a MIDI lathe, but reviews leave me a bit cold.

In addition, reviewing everything from sand paper, marking and layout, glues, and about everything else. Kind of happy with the WorkSharp.


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Agreed. What I will do if I want to use a thin blade is use a 7-1/4 or 8"they seem able to manage with a lot less chatter

I almost never use a thin kerf blade. The thin blades tend to flutter/wobble when they hit a knot, especially if you are cutting thru the edge of a knot. A standard kerf (.125) stays straight. I said almost never because sometimes I rip soft straight grain, knot free material like cyprus when milling canoe strips and I will use a thin kerf then to save wood.

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