Candle Holders & Flames.....


Alrighty, here it goes:

I am considering turning small vessels to be filled with beeswax and a wick (candle) to sell and/or give as gifts. Nothing terribly large or crazy, just simple, classy, and attractive. Also, I do not have consistent access to a lot of wood varieties. Mostly local stuff around NC that I scavenge like oak, wild black (rum) cherry, crepe myrtle, gum, etc.

The concern is the flame from the wick on the candle. What is a good way to combat this? Would coating the inside of the piece with epoxy before adding wax work? Is there a fire resistant finish to use for such projects? Is this even an issue at all? Does the species of wood really matter?

All guidance is appreciated, I am not a really experiences wood turner but want to start making different items to expand my experience which are still useful.


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Sounds like good gifts...not sure I would put wax directly into the vessel...perhaps you could just turn the vessel and find something like a tea candle to put inside...the metal container will be fire resistant.


candle wicks come with an attached metal base/button with the underside of the base/button having "glue" to hold it in place so the flame never touches the vessel material

Jim M.

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Recently I was wandering aimlessly around a store while my wife shopped, I saw a wooden candle holder which had a copper ring inside that held a tealight. It was a shop made item so I believe it could have been a copper pipe cut off to add flame protection, it looked really good.

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