Any interest in Foley Belsaw Planer, Boice Crane Table Saw, and Craftsman Radial Arm Saw

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My dad is moving to a home that will have a smaller shop and therefore has three older stationary tools that he wants to sell and pass on to someone else. One is a Foley Belsaw 12" planer with a 5hp motor; another is a 10" Boice Crane Table Saw; and the last is a 10" Craftsman Radial Arm saw. He is more interested in someone getting use out of the tools as opposed to getting top dollar for them. If anyone is interested in any of these tools, you may contact my dad directly at The tools are presently located at his home in Asheville, NC and that is where they will have to be picked up.

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Re: Foley Belsaw Planer,

One is a Foley Belsaw 12" planer with a 5hp motor; ....

A friend's dad 'passed on' his Foley Belsaw planer-molder to me. It is built like a tank and can handle whatever I have thrown at it. I don't have the 5 HP motor.

This is no 'lunchbox planer.' I can vouch for this thing - although I have not seen it, nor do I know the poster or his dad.

It is a lifetime type of tool. I do not know about whether retrofitting with a carbide-insert head is even an option; I don't use mine enough to consider doing that.

Also David - consider listing these in the classifieds here. I think more people will notice.

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