10 in outdoor wooden letters

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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Cut them out yourself with a scroll saw.
By the qualifier "outdoor" do you mean that you want the supplier to make the letters out of a type of wood that will withstand exposure to the elements?


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I live in aiken,sc 29801. need 10 in. wood letters. I need them on the outside of my shop. 3\4 in. thick
I would make them out of HDU, more expensive but holds up to the weather much better. Your over 4 hours from me, so I'd have to ship anything made down to you.


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not familiar with HDU? I was thinking pine or cedar??? What do you think?
HDU is designed for long lasting, lower maintenance. Wood signs can often need repainting every year or so to prevent water getting to the wood and causing rot or other damage. HDU signs don't rot. I've got a neighborhood sign I did in HDU about 4 or 5 years ago that looks like the day it was made, and no maintenance has been done to it at all during that time.

One disadvantage is that HDU is slightly flexible, so it is possible to break it a little easier than wood. I did drop a piece of HDU I had carved from a height of around 4 feet and it broke. Also, I've had some break on the CNC when carving fancy curved letters, the tips of curves have broken on me, but that's more of me being too aggressive with the CNC cuts.

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