1. Artisan Pirate

    Full Scroll Saw Workshop Tour Video 2024

    Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the workshop for 2024! In this fun video, I give you all an updated shop tour to kick off a new season on the channel! I like to start each year with a shop tour and so both longtime and new viewers can familiarize themselves with the workshop. I hope you all had a...
  2. Artisan Pirate

    Artisan Pirate's Scroll Saw Display Wall

    The Ever Changing, Ever Evolving, Scroll Saw Display Wall In The Workshop. You guys know I love scroll sawing but, I want to also inspire and teach others the joys of scroll sawing. It's such a therapeutic tool to use and after you get the hang of it, you can literally zone out and listen to...
  3. Artisan Pirate

    Artisan Pirate, Scroll Saw Workshop Tour

    I hope this is the correct thread to post my first video of 2023 which is an updated workshop tour. Also, keep in mind I am happy to teach everything I know to anyone who is interested Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the Channel! In this video I'll be giving an updated tour of the Artisan...
  4. lazylabacres

    In Need of Temporary Shop Space

    Hey Y'all, My wife and I are going to be moving to Person County in a few months and that means I am going to lose my shop space (which is currently my 2-car garage). Though the space is small, I have built up my business enough where I am going to be taking it from a side hustle to a full...
  5. 20180927_141921.jpg


    Underlayment install in progress.
  6. 20180924_161819.jpg


    Underlayment acclimating to woodshop temperature and humidity.
  7. 20180924_155320.jpg


    Strong wife carrying underlayment into shop. i'm going to owe her big time!
  8. 20180923_183226.jpg


    Subfloor after edges screwed down tight, seams sanded smooth, texture paint splatter scraped and sanded.
  9. N

    Sawdust Stove

    Obviously things have warmed up. But I’m looking towards next winter. I have seen several YouTube/blog woodworkers with sawdust stoves (both I believe are working abroad) but I like the idea of being able to upcycle some of my sawdust for heating purposes in my garage. I can’t however find...
  10. C

    Handsaw Skills with Richard Moore

    Handsaw Skills Instructor: Richard Moore Date: Sunday, May 26 Time: 10am-5pm Class Fee: $84 Materials: $10 Skill: All, Age: 18+ Handsaws: their use and abuse. In conjunction with the handsaw sharpening workshop, handsaws their use and abuse is an important part of improving your hand tool...
  11. 20180728_092829


  12. 20180728_092332


  13. 20180728_091517


  14. 20180728_091246


  15. Berta

    Who is ready for a Beginners Scroll Saw Workshop?

    I am willing to teach an Introduction To Scroll Saw Workshop. This will teach you about blade selection, different ways to attach patterns, drilling holes and the way I do things. This will also give you practice pieces to work on. I will show the different ways to do different cuts. You...
  16. Graywolf

    Interest in a bowsaw build workshop?

    I'm looking to see how many folks would be interested in doing a bowsaw build workshop. The material cost for this workshop would be $80.00 plus a donation of $30.00 to the website. The donation can go straight to the website, and the material fee can be payed directly to me at the workshop...
  17. Workshop build

    Workshop build

    Workshop rough framing complete
  18. Workshop build

    Workshop build

    Workshop rough framing
  19. Workshop build

    Workshop build

    Workshop rough framing
  20. Workshop build

    Workshop build

    Workshop foundation

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