1. wifes wardrobe project

    wifes wardrobe project

  2. Wifes project

    Wifes project

    wardrobe refinishing wip
  3. 5Etek-mike

    Antique cedar wardrobe finally refinished

    Thank you all for allowing me to share this recent project with you. This wouldn't have been possible without the great help of Mac (Skysharks)!! :occasion1:icon_thum:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Mac invited my wife and I over to his tremendous shop last weekend to assist us with repairing one of...
  4. 5Etek-mike

    Slow but stready progress with the armoire and wardrobe

    It feels great to finally share some pics with you all. When our time has permitted, Becky and I have been working between 2 different refinishing projects simultaniously (a large alder and birch armoire, and a 1930s/40ish cedar wardrobe.) We also have a 1955 Lane Cedar Chest that's waiting as...
  5. Wardrobe


    Red oak wardrobe. Chest of drawers for grandaughteer
  6. Today's Project

    Today's Project

    I just couldn't pass up this nice piece at a local shop.

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