1. BKHam

    Feed Belt Tracking on Drum Sander

    i have a performax 16-32 i bought used recently. a real good deal but it needs a little tuning. you can see on the right side of the brand new feed belt, it tracks toward the motor side where it gets bunched and wears out that side. the provided tracking adjustments don't seem to get the job...
  2. A

    Help bandsaw not tracking

    I picked up an old black and decker 3-wheel bandsaw really cheap, and it works perfectly except the blade wanders towards you pretty quickly. The maddening thing is that it tracks perfectly backwards? I think maybe the bolt that tilts the top wheel is somehow not long enough(?) Any help is good!
  3. LeftyTom

    Help w/BS 1/8" Blade Tracking

    I have used 1/2" and 1/4" blades on my Grizzly G0555 bandsaw, and had no problems with blade tracking. Today, I put a Olsen 1/8" blade on. The tires are clean. The blade is centered on the upper & lower wheels. The side and rear guides are backed off. I cannot get the blade to track in the...
  4. Tar Heel

    Ticket tracking

    Rob posted last night that the raffle has probably negatively impacted the quarterly donation drive and I agree with his assessment. I know that we wanted to be able to sell tickets at the Klingspor and Greensboro events. Is there a way to track the number of tickets sold at those two events...
  5. timf67

    Bandsaw Blade Tracking Problem

    Thanks to Mitch (Amish Warlord), his truck, his back (sorry!), and Tony's Genie lift I got my new (to me) Delta 28-475X bandsaw home on saturday. I spent the rest of the weekend trying to get a 3/4" x 3AS-S timberwolf blade set up on it for cutting a few turning blanks. No matter where I put...
  6. Grgramps

    Band Saw Tracking Solved

    At least for me, thanks to Michael Fortune's article in Fine Woodworkings publication, "Power Tool Basics." Whenever I resawed a board I found it necessary to feed at an angle from right to left. It always frustrated me because I believed that you should be able to feed straight through in...
  7. Toddler

    Do most bandsaws have a tracking window?

    I posted a link to a craigslist saw, and noticed the newwoodworker review it linked to said the Ryobi was the only bandsaw Tom knew of that had a window to let you track the blade from in line with the top wheel. My steel city saw has one, and I just assumed all saws did. It makes sighting...
  8. Travis Porter

    Bandsaw blade tracking

    OK, I recently did all this work to upgrade my existing Delta 14" saw, and it has now started doing something a bit wierd. When I track the blade by hand it is all fine and good, but when I run it, the blade goes back and forth, or forward and backwards I guess you would say on the tires. It...

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