1. P1070954


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  2. P1070950


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  3. P1070948


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  4. P1070945


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  5. KC7CN

    Phil Thien Dust Separator integrated into a 16 Gallon Shop-Vac.

    Hello Everyone! On the surface, the title of this post doesn't appear be about woodworking, but trust me - this project was all about woodworking, and stopping to make some jigs along the way. Just so you will know, I posted this on Phil Thien's forum and that other form, but I wanted to be...
  6. Joe Scharle

    Thien Baffle notes

    If you're still filling up your vac or dust collector; consider this: The bag in my vac has not been changed for 3-4 years. Here's a pic of the bag right after I lifted the motor head. It's puffed out from vacuum, not dust. Next pic is after I have pushed the air out. It has no dust in it that...
  7. JackLeg

    Thien Separators

    OK, I'm gonna do it! Do any of you who have built a PT separator have good pics or any advice for me? I'm gonna need 4" fittings as I plan to hook it to my Delta DC. Also, do any of you who have DW735's ever just run it into your DC separator without using the DC fan? Thanx! :notworthy:
  8. bluedawg76

    thien design dust separator

    so i completed my first dust separator today using the Thien Baffle design I'd seen others make. I'm using my shop vac to power it and was amazed at how strong the vacuum is i.e. strong enough to begin crushing the 30 gal metal trash can. Has anyone needed to reinforce the can or is there just...
  9. Gofor

    Another Thien

    Thank you for the oil drum, James (jhreed) At the Goldsboro lunch, one subject was dust collection, and James offered a 120lb capacity oil drum to anyone wanting it. I took him up on the offer, and got around to making one based on J. Phil Thien's design. This is made to fit my Ridgid vac and...
  10. R

    Thien Dust Separator

    Well you guys said you liked pics...and I have some time on my hands :gar-Bi Here is my Thien Dust's not quite the paint booth (my unfinished basement!) today...let me know what you think, and I will have pics of it in action soon... View image in gallery View image...
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