1. charlessenf

    Need to Build DeWalt 735 Planer Stand with in/outfeed support - Anyone aleready build one?

    Would you believe a six-hundred dollar planer with not feed tables!? I sold off my 15 year old HD Ridgid and went for the Two-speed, Three-blade DeWalt thinking 'upgrade.' Then I discover the feed tables that come with the $369 Ridgid are an extra, special-order item (at Lowes). While...
  2. L

    GSO CL: conveyor parts. Outfeed supports?

    Not mine, someone sellin 8-12 foot conveyor sections in NW Greensboro Might be useful for a shop, just not enough room in mine.
  3. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 5: Installing the drawer, casters and supports

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Fliptop cabinet part 2 Fliptop cabinet part 3 Fliptop cabinet part 4 Nothing complicated in this part, basically finishing up the drawer and supports to get ready for trimming the edges. Installing the drawer Installing a single drawer is not that difficult...
  4. BCT16 - Brackets Installed

    BCT16 - Brackets Installed

    After making careful saw cuts through the existing chair rail, the uprights were attached to the wall using a pair of 3/8" x 4" lag screws, hidden under the angle bracket when installed.
  5. BCT07 - Support Bracket Pieces

    BCT07 - Support Bracket Pieces

    Vertical wall support at right; horizontal member fits dovetail into vertical support; tenons on angle brace will fit into mortises to be cut in the vertical and horizontal members. Members stock is 1.9" thick and 4" wide; tenons are 1" long.
  6. DavidF

    Glass table top supports

    Do any of you know were I can get some little rubber or similar pads to go between the table frame and the glass top? We have a table in the office here that has some pads that have a small "spigot" on the bottom that fits into a small hole in the table frame and then has what looks like one of...

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