1. CrealBilly

    Sound Samples - Bass build final assembly

    Well... it's done :) Now it's time to tool up - to make fretted finger boards.
  2. cskipper

    Sample of procedures requested

    Since my initial request did not result in much documentation, I thought I would provide samples of procedures I think we need to have documented. These will help provide continuity as Board members change/leave. This is NOT meant to be a complete list, just a starting point. I’m sure there...
  3. Adirondack chair sample

    Adirondack chair sample

    Chair with a simple oil finish
  4. Kyle

    Wood sample set for the Schuylkill center in Pennsylvania

    Here is an educational lumber set I just completed for the Schuylkill Center for environmental education in Philly. I included a set of 12 common native species along with the latin name so students can see what the inside of tree looks like :) and its even better since I sawed and dried the...

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