1. myself


  2. myself


  3. Mark Stewart

    Finally a green turned bowl I am proud of

    Well This is what I call my first real sucess on the lathe with a green bowl blank. I got this lovely hunk of tree at the picnic, I got mi Ci0 and Ci1 in the mail monday. So its Wensday and here is the end result. It has a few problems but I am happy with it anyway. Thanks For looking. Mark
  4. Joe Scharle

    Proud Papa
  5. TracyP

    Proud To Be A Member

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis, "gotcha6" today. It was a short meeting but a friendly one. We met at Concord Mills Mall so I could get the two portable gazebos that he has for the picnic. I just wanted to say it was my pleasure to meet Dennis and I think it is super that he is willing...

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