1. Bigdog72

    Parallel clamps

    I am in need of some 12-15" clamps for glue ups. Has anybody ever had success cutting down a Bessey or Jet parallel clamp?
  2. kooshball

    Do Jet Parallel Clamps ever go on sale??

    I have been watching and waiting for these clamps to go on sale somewhere but it doesn't seem to happen. Has anyone noticed an annual sale anywhere for these? I love them but I would love them more if they were less expensive. Thanks
  3. Luckbox72

    Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set

    Currently on the have Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set Price:$300.25 Sale Price $129.99 + UPS $6.00 shipping
  4. pslamp32

    Parallel Clamp special, 4+ for $90! Peachtree...

    Just got this e-direct special from Peachtree Woodworking. Looks like an awesome deal and I picked up a set myself. Thought you guys might be interested... 4 - 39" parallel clamps plus face framing blocks for $90...
  5. PChristy

    50Inch Parallel Clamp

    Jet 70450 50Inch Parallel Clamp Price:$94.50 Sale Price $52.00 + UPS $5.00 shipping Condition: New
  6. decibel

    Jet Parallel clamps @ Rockler - lukewarm deal

    Rockler has the 31 inch clamp for $37.99 40" for $39.99 and 50" for $42.99. Get free shipping with code V9405
  7. GeorgeL

    Parallel Clamp Sale

    Peachtree Woodworking Supply has a sale on their house brand 6" & 12" parallel clamps. They are about $11 each in sets of 4. UPS ground shipping is $7.50 for a set. George
  8. DavidF

    Parallel venting of cooker hood and dryer

    Do any of you know of a kit that enables a cooker hood and dryer to use the same external vent? A friend of mine has this set up in his home in Canada. There are flap valves on each side that only open when that particular fan is blowing, preventing either cooking fumes ending up in the dryer or...
  9. T

    Parallel Clamps at Peachtree

    Peachtree has a special on their parallel clamps (Parallel Pro) buy two get two of the same size free. Four 15" clamps are $57.98 Four 27" clamps are $61.98 Four 39" clamps are $71.98 Shipping looks to be about $11 for four clamps. I have no experience with these clamps, but it seems like a...
  10. Joe Scharle

    Parallel Pro clamps from Peachtree

    Does anyone have any of these?
  11. S

    59in Parallel Clamp Deal-Peachtree

    Not as good as Stanley Bailey clamp dealt, but..... E-DIRECT SPECIAL $45.00 OFF 59" Parallel Pro Clamp 4 Pack Regular Catalog Price $149.99 (4 clamps) E-Direct Special Offer $104.99 (4 clamps) 110708.htm
  12. WoodWrangler

    Woodline Parallel Clamps ?

    Woodline is now offering what looks to be a really nice parallel clamp comparable to the Bessey and Jet offerings, with some additional features like padded clamps and adjustable tightening bar that bends 90 degrees. Anyone used these? How do they really compare to a Bessey? Clamping pressure...
  13. T

    HELP! Bandsaw not cutting parallel to stock edge

    I am trying to make 3/8" check cuts on 3 1/2" wide tenons. The problem is the bandsaw is not cutting parallel. I have the saw set up correctly with a new blade. Blade is square to the table, table is square to the fence, fence is parallel to the blade, the stock is square but the cuts are off...
  14. KurtG

    Rockler: 50" Jet Parallel clamps

    Sale is 2 for $49.98 (regularly around $45 apiece). S & H is $9 for 2. They are currently oversold but they have ordered more.
  15. dancam

    Blade Parallel to miter slot????

    Hey Folks, Need some help or advice:BangHead: :BangHead: :BangHead:. I'm trying to tune up my Unisaw (Right Tilt) and have been successful with all of the adjustments except getting the blade perfectly parallel to the left miter slot. I'm using a 1/4" flat aluminium plate (Master Plate...
  16. Eaglesc

    Parallel sine wave inlay

    Not quite there yet but I am getting close. Walnut with cherry, mahogany and maple Chrome cigar(proud at the nib) (I'll knock it apart and redo) There are 6 parallel inlay "stripes"
  17. John Reeves

    Jorgensen Parallel Face Clamps

    I bought a pair from BORG a few weeks ago and I have found them to be great clamps. They are bar clamps that are heavier than the BESSEY in the size of the bar and the clamping mechanism. The face is larger as well. They do not have the serrated edge along the inside of the bar so you do have...

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