1. Christmas light remote

    Christmas light remote

  2. Christmas light remote

    Christmas light remote

  3. Christmas light remote

    Christmas light remote

  4. 240v duplex outlet

    240v duplex outlet

    240v duplex outlet
  5. Tar Heel

    Direct Tool Store -Mebane Tanger Outlet

    Yesterday the new Tanger Outlet opened. My wife won a $1,000 Tanger gift card (gloat) from radio station WCHL contest, so I accompanied her to carry her packages. There is a Direct Tool store there that was interesting. Most, if not all, of the merchadise were factory reconditioned with a 1 yr...
  6. Tarhead

    Rebuilt Rigid OSS/Osc. Belt Sander at Direct Tools Factory Outlet Concord Mills

    They have 1 in stock for $139. Better run.
  7. Gotcha6

    B & D Outlet opening in Fort Mill, SC

    Saw this on Craigslist: http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/1455228775.html
  8. Subpanel wired

    Subpanel wired

  9. Workshop conduit

    Workshop conduit

  10. ptt49er

    GFI on a 20 amp 220v outlet

    I need to run a couple of 20 amp 220v circuits in the shop. It's a garage, so I think the outlets have to be GFI protected. I am having a dog of a hard time finding an outlet that'll work. Am I stuck using a breaker for the needed protection?
  11. Badabing

    Need Ceiling mounted hanging outlet (240V)

    I have to move my table saw to the middle of the garage. I need to run the wiring from the existing 240V wall outlet up into the ceiling and across. I would like to have one of those hanging outlets drop down from the ceiling a few feet so I can just reach up and plug in the saw when I use it...

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