1. Y

    Looking for craftsmen in Durham

    Hello all, My name is Ryan Cawley and I am a partner and the Production Manager at Y&J Furniture Co in Durham. As the name says, we are a furniture company and we cover everything from custom fabrication to any type of repair or rebuild, though we specialize in antique restoration. I am...
  2. Stuart Kent

    Stuart Kent & Co. fine art & furniture has new ad in Oct. issue of Our State Magazine

    Hi all, I would appreciate help getting the word out about our new ad on page 230, in this month's issue of Our State magazine. Subscribers should already have it and it will show up on news stands in about 10 days. support a small business and help us grow this year so we can reach our goal...
  3. Bas

    Rest in peace Steve Jobs

    I wanted to share a quote from Steve Jobs I think many of us can relate to:

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