1. F

    Small Paint Hood

    Has anyone had any experience or bought a small Vent hood for spraying projects?
  2. eyekode

    Contractor saw dust hood

    This weekend I put together a dust hood for my Jet contractor style table saw. It works fairly well so I thought I would share :). The design is very simple (similar to one I found on the net that is made out of sheet metal). One thing I really like about the design is the connector exits at an...
  3. DavidF

    Parallel venting of cooker hood and dryer

    Do any of you know of a kit that enables a cooker hood and dryer to use the same external vent? A friend of mine has this set up in his home in Canada. There are flap valves on each side that only open when that particular fan is blowing, preventing either cooking fumes ending up in the dryer or...
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Prototype Collapsible SCMS Dust Hood

    As I have mentioned to some of you I have been working on this prototype collapsible SCMS dust hood for some time. I wanted something that was low cost, covered the rear of the saw in any orientation, and collapsed. I used some left over ½” ply and some 1” ply, some old piano hinges, one window...

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