1. B

    Golf Club Rack

    I started this rack back in October in an effort to un-clutter an area in my shop/garage. First I built this shelf unit. Since it is just in the garage, I just went cheap and used particle board. But all the pieces are dado'd and/or grooved with plenty of glue. There are no fasteners in it...
  2. D

    Golf Tournament

    Hi all, I am involved with an organization called Younglife and we are holding our annual fund raising golf tournament on May 3rd at Crooked Creek located in Fuquay-Varina. It starts at 8am, ends at 2pm, and is catered by Outback Steakhouse (breakfast and lunch). There are prizes on almost...
  3. flatheadfisher

    Golf trip rained out

    My Dad and I had planned to go up in the mountains to play golf during my fall break. The weather was crummy and we canceled our trip. So, I had four days off with nothing planned. I decided to paint our bathroom. After I painted the bathroom, everything else looked terrible. So, I made a...
  4. Mike Davis

    Golf Wood

    I thought some of you may be interested in this article about a tree on a golf course.

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