1. Gary_C

    Flush cut jig for router

    I'm wondering if any of you guys have made a jig for steadying a router when using a flush cut bit. I'm a complete newbie at woodworking and saw an episode of Woodsmith that showed this jig and think it would work for my current problem. My first read wood project is a set of nesting end...
  2. kooshball

    Which flush cut router bit to "cross-cut" walnut?

    I will be cutting the top for my dresser to size soon and but it is too large to safely cross-cut on my table saw. My circular saw is terrible and doesn't have enough support to make a square cut so my plan is to cut close to the final size on the band saw or with a jig saw and then clamp a...
  3. LeftyTom

    Let's Talk Flush Cutting Bits

    I understand the concept of a top bearing (hand held router) and bottom bearing (router table), and those bits with both a top and bottom bearings. What befuddles me is the bit diameter. :dontknow:Whether the diameter is 1/4" or 3/4", it will still trim flush. :eusa_thin Are the wider...
  4. johnpipe108

    Should laminate trimmer bit cut flush?

    When I bought my Bosch router kit at Costco, I purchased one of their cheap chinese ("Woodsmith") router bit sets. I notice lately using the laminate trimmer that it cuts a little less than flush. Is this normal, or is it just the cheap bits? Thanks, John
  5. B

    8' Interior Flush Doors

    I am looking for 8' x 3' interior flush door blanks. Does anyone out there know of a source? Basically, I am looking for doors generally used in commerical/industrial settings. These doors a full PB core, solid frame and orak or birch flush skin and are pretty heavy. Any ideas, pointers are...

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