1. D

    Need commercial electrician in Raleigh

    We need a commercial electrician to pull permits and connect a shop full of 3 phase saws, planners, moulders, etc. Anyone have recommendations? Anchor Hardwoods 919-790-9449
  2. L

    Greensboro Electrician for 240V line

    I've had an electrician over this week for an estimate on installing a 240V garage outlet [NEMA 6-50 plug] and rearranging some breakers in my service panel. Just now realized that along with checking Angieslist.com I should ask the local NCWW'ers if there's any certified electricians here in...
  3. ChrisB


    I have a two-car garage shop that I need to get rewired for my equipment. Can anyone recommend an electrician in the Raleigh area who understands the wiring needs of a woodshop? Thanks, Chris
  4. S

    Electrician needed

    I need an electrician before to long to add some outlets in my garage. Its something I just don't really feel comfy doing myself. Anyone know of someone in the Charlotte area or near that wouldn't kill me on the costs and knows what they are doing?
  5. G

    Looking for electrician in Cary, NC

    Time to wire up the garage so I have more than 1 outlet (which I found out is also on the circuit for my home office....gets real quiet when the computers stop running:cry_smile) and different circuits. Anyone have any recommendations? Gary A. Bushey
  6. jrs

    Electrician for a 220 line in the garage

    Good morning all (well, right now it is, might be night when this is read :rotflm:) I find myself in need of a new 25amp 220 line in the garage. It is actually going to go about 2 feet to the right of my breaker box. While I could PROBABLY do this myself, I am a bit leary. How much should...
  7. mike_wood

    Need an electrician

    I need an electrician to look at the panel for a house I am selling. The inspector says the GFCI is not working properly and only they will only allow an electrician to repair. Please PM if you know someone to recommend. Thanks.
  8. jaustin

    Electrician needed

    anyone that is closed to Thomasville, that can hook up a small emergency panel transfer switch. how much would it cost to get hooked up?
  9. woodnick

    Need Help From Qualified Electrician

    I'm going to change the ballast in some of my fluorescent fixtures from T12 to T8's. When I started to read the instructions the first thing it say's " Do not install this ballast in a residential environment" WHY:eusa_doh::eusa_doh:I need this infor. as soon as possible because I already took...
  10. T

    Need an electrician?

    I am getting a couple 220V machines in the next couple of weeks and while I have what appears to be a 220V socket on the wall, I am thinking that getting an electrician in to check this situation out would be a good idea. My wife always stands nearby whenever I work with wiring, holding the...

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