1. Cracked Mens Valet

    Cracked Mens Valet

    Band saw box, cracked, dresser, cherry, maple, ammonia fumed
  2. Mr. Lahey

    Anyone know how to fix a cracked plastic auto lense?

    I have a orange turn signal light on a car that got busted, I glued it together the best I could but a few pieces are still missing from the plastic. Apparently the colored tape is not good enough for you to pass inspection, so now I just have clear duct tape over the remaining holes. Does...
  3. DaveO

    All cracked up.....

    This was to be a thread on the little lathe that could, but it turned into the big turner who couldn't :BangHead::BangHead: A while back I got a big gnarly Cedar stump from Jeff, just itching to be turned into something of beauty. Today I got the gumption and the right amount of coffee in me...
  4. ebarr

    Cracked Pen

    I have a co-worker that brought a pen in for me to look at. I have attached a picture, but you really can't see the cracks. She said she thought she bought it from Dana Gayle in Cary. Does anyone have any suggestions of fixing a cracked pen. I do not have anything to take the pen apart, nor...

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