1. ScottM

    Happy Birthday Canuck

    Wayne I hope you have a great birthday. :new_birth :tool: :new_birth
  2. Joe Scharle

    Canuck's youngest daughter

    is in the hospital with a serious pulmonary problem. Our prayers go out to her and Canuck's family for her full recovery.
  3. R

    Happy Birthday, canuck

    Wayne, I hope this has been one really terrific birthday for you. :new_birth:new_birth:new_birth :occasion1:occasion1:occasion1:occasion1 :new_birth:new_birth:new_birth
  4. Joe Scharle

    Here ya go, Canuck

    Here's the Kitchen Island that I forgot to take the pix. Daughter sent this.
  5. Partman

    Happy Birthday Canuck

    Happy Birthday Wayne !!! Have a good one. :icon_thum Danny
  6. cskipper

    Happy birthday Canuck!

    :new_birth to you. :new_birth to you. :new_birthCanuck!:new_birth Happy birthday to you!
  7. cskipper

    Happy Birthday Canuck!

    :new_birth Wishinbg you a wonderful day with many more to follow.:new_birth

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